Review of Eric by Terry Pratchett

I actually like the parrot, even if I hold that this cover series is terrible.

Eric by Terry Pratchett. ★★★

Eric‘s the ninth book in the Discworld series, but it feels like the quality is similar to that of the first book. Basically, I think Eric is one of the weakest Discworld books out there. If you want to read Discworld, try Guards! Guards!, Small Gods, Going Postalor The Wee Free Men instead.

In Eric, Rincewind returns, accidentally summoned by Eric, a highly annoying thirteen year old demonologist, to grant three wishes (to rule the world, live forever, and meet the most beautiful woman in the world). Thus proceeds a string of adventures with only this barest thread connecting them.

Good news? Eric‘s short. Some versions are illustrated, although my US copy is print only and I’ve never seen the illustrated version. Anyway, the illustrations are by Josh Kirby, who’s artwork I dislike.

While Eric does contain some good lines, everything else is lacking. The plotting’s weak and the characters forgettable. Eric himself has no personality besides being hormonal and annoying.

Unless you’re a hardcore Discworld fan, I’d suggest skipping Eric, arguably the weakest book in the series.


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