Review of Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett

My general problem with this cover series is that they look like they’re trying to make the books seem “zany.”

Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett. ★★★★

Wyrd Sisters is the sixth Discworld novel and a pretty good one to start with, although I still would recommend Guards! Guards!Going Postal, or maybe Small Gods over it.

Wyrd Sisters is a story of witches and kings and Shakespeare and, of course, destiny. But destiny, says Wyrd Sisters, is something that you create.

“Destiny is important, see, but people go wrong when they think it controls them. It’s the other way around.”

When the king of Lancre is murdered by the villainous Duke and his wife, the Duchess, a local coven of three witches find themselves in a whole heap of trouble. The plot riffs of off Macbeth, and there are plenty of references to other of Shakespeare’s works. I’m not particularly familiar with Shakespeare, and I had the feeling that I was missing some of the jokes. Still, with a Discworld novel there are so many jokes that missing just a few doesn’t make it any less funny.

I love the characters of the witches! Granny Weatherwax is hilariously arrogant but so capable that its easy to believe she could do anything. Nanny Ogg is a fairly amiable person, the matriarch of a huge clan encompassing her fifteen children and sprawling hordes of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Magrat Garlick, the youngest of the witches, is an earnest young women who believes in occult jewelry and magical knives but at the end of the day shows a tendency towards practicality. Together, they are hilarious and unstoppable.

All around Wyrd Sisters is a very fun book with a lovable group of women at its core. I would recommend it to about anyone (my non-fantasy reading grandmother loves these books!) and especially to anyone with a fondness for Shakespeare.

As a side note, this is the hundredth review I’ve posted on my blog!


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