Review of The Midnight Mayor by Kate Griffin

The man isn’t how I imagine Mathew looking, but the cover is fairly catchy.

The Midnight Mayor by Kate Griffin. ★★★★

The Midnight Mayor is the sequel to A Madness of Angelswhich I loved. While the two books have separate plots and don’t necessarily have to be read in order, I would still recommend reading A Madness of Angels first as the events in it are referred to in The Midnight Mayor.

The Midnight Mayor is a worthy sequel, and the tone stays similar to the first book. Fans of the first should not be disappointed.

The Midnight Mayor opens a lot like A Madness of Angels: sorcerer Matthew Swift wakes up next to a telephone, injured and with no idea what happened, and subsequently has to run for his life.

In between various life threatening events, Matthew (and the electric blue angels who share his body) find out that London’s protections have been broken. The London Stone has been destroyed, the Tower’s ravens killed, and the London Wall defaced. Oh, and the semi-mythical protector of the city known as the Midnight Mayor has been murdered.

The elements that made me love the first book are all here: the unique London based magic, the fascinating combination of Matthew and the angels narrating, the wonderful writing, and the occasional moments of humor. I can’t resist sharing the following dialog (from page 233):

“When last I checked, you were a sorcerer, not a Jedi.”
“You’ve seen Star Wars?”
“Seen it and denounced it.”
“You’ve denounced Star Wars?”
She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Hollywood should not glorify witches.”
“I think you’ve missed the point…”
“I also denounce Harry Potter.”
“…because literature, especially children’s literature, should not glorify witches.”
“Oda, what do you do for fun?”
She thought about it, then said, without a jot of humor, “I denounce things.”

The above dialog is when I realized that, next to Matthew and the angels, Oda was my favorite character. Like the first book, she’s had occasional moments where it feels like she wants to say something that’s almost kind. I’m very interested in seeing where her character will go.

I highly recommend this to fans of the first book. If you’re new to the series but like urban fantasy, London based magic, and slightly insane or otherwise different narrators, than you should give this series a go.


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