Art Update (November and December 2014)

I’m somewhat behind on reviews due to finals and college applications, but I have been doing some artwork, so here’s on update on that.

I’ve been doing some sketch book work of my characters, and I’ve colored a couple of the sketches.

Isen chalk pastel

Isen is in both sketches – she’s wearing a mask in the first one. With the first image (Isen and Ferrum) I was mainly experimenting with color, pushing myself with bright red and cyan. The second one was mainly working with using Photoshop brushes; I found some chalk effect ones I liked.

In the last art update, I mentioned that I was making shaped canvases as my next piece. I have now learned that I hate making my own canvases.

IMG_0820 IMG_0825IMG_0821

I’m creating two pieces that resemble a male and female figure. I made the shapes out of plywood using a bandsaw. Then, I cut a piece of canvas roughly the size of the figure (first image). After that comes the part I hate: the staple gun. The staple gun is a large, obnoxious metal instrument that requires heavy force and precision and sounds like a gun when the staples go in. I attempted to use my knowledge of physics to treat the handles like a lever (pushing down at the very ends of the handles), but my staples still tended to go in half way or not at all.

Stapling the canvas around curves is also a real pain. You have to cut the cloth like in the second image and try to fit the pieces over each other somehow. At the end, there’ll still be long bits and strings you have to cut off.

Once you get the canvas stapled on and cut evenly, it’s time for the gesso. This part was relatively easy – just slap on a coat and then sand it once it dries. Repeat as often as necessary to get as smooth as you want. I did two coats, but they aren’t very smooth because my patience ran out during the second sanding.



This is where they are right now. I’ve given them a once over coat of acrylic with lava lamp type patterns. They aren’t yet finished as I need to cover all the sides and clean up some of the images. I’m also intending on making a backing for them, probably in the shape of a circle. I’ll post a new picture once they’re ready.

While I’ve been waiting for the canvases to dry, I started on a watercolor of yet another of my characters, Eyolf. This piece was largely unplanned. I let some watercolor frolic freely on the page and then overlayed a pose on top of that. The rest was picked out of the watercolor and built up with repeated layers.


The second two images show when I started adding in colored pencil. I liked the look, so I continued with it for the rest of the piece.


But first I wanted to cover up the blank areas around the edges with yellow.

IMG_0859 IMG_0860

Those are my last two in progress shots. Below is the finished piece and some detail shots.

blurry but good colors

cloak Eyolf detail


The final photo is a bit blurry for my liking, so I may re-shoot it at some point.


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