Review of Omens by Kelley Armstrong

Not horrible, but rather boring… Hey, at least it’s not the typical UF chick trying to look all broody in leather.

Omens by Kelley Armstrong. ★★★★

Omens is my favorite book I’ve read by Kelly Armstrong yet. In a way, it reminds me of Anne Bishop’s Written in Red, although Omens has fewer fantastical elements.

Olivia Taylor Jones is the daughter of a famously wealthy couple, and her life is pretty much picture perfect until she learns she’s adopted and that she’s the daughter of America’s two most notorious serial killers.

On the run from the publicity, Olivia moves to the town of Cainsville, a closed off and secretive place, as she investigates her birth parents’ case. But her investigation leads her down stranger pathways than she knew existed…

While Omens is probably either paranormal or urban fantasy, there actually aren’t that many fantastical elements. They weren’t a large part of the plot, although they definitely existed and are clearly shown in the short, third person POV sections scattered through the book. However, Olivia is not aware of any besides her own abilities (reading omens), which she dismisses as superstition for most of the book. For the most part, this book reads more like a thriller or mystery novel. No doubt the sequels will explore the magical aspects farther.

Omens also doesn’t have much in the way of romance (which I like). There’s someone who I am pretty sure Olivia will end up with in future books, but for now, the characters and relationship are still being built. This is probably why it strikes me as similar to Anne Bishop’s Written in Red – comparable level of romantic elements.

If you’re looking for the typical urban fantasy sexy vampires and werewolves, this isn’t the book for you. In fact, you really want even just fantasy in general, this may not even be the book for you. It’s fun and enjoyable and a very good read, but it stretches genre boundaries and conventions to create something new.

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