Development of my Art Through my Characters

For creative writing, I’m working on a piece about where characters come from. I asked the teacher if I could accompany what I write with some of the artwork I’ve done for the characters (she said yes).

Bit of an explanation here – I’ve had some of these characters since I was in fifth or sixth grade. I have art of these characters dating from the hazy mists of middle school. The characters have changed a lot since then, so sharing their development also shows how my skill as an artist has progressed (which is good if I get frustrated on something. I can always look back and think, Hey, I used to be even worse!).


2009 Rider and Andri 2009 Rider and Andri2

The above pictures are the earliest I have, back from when I’d first started messing around in Photoshop. The wolf is the earliest incarnation of Rider, who I don’t think even had a last name at this point. The girl is Andri, who’s name’s completely changed since these pieces.


2010 Andri 2010 Dagran 2010 Rider and Andri 2010 Rider and Andri2

Rider’s still a white wolf, but Andri’s lost the cat features. Thank goodness. The reddish wolf is Dagran, a character from the mythology of the world. She was created this year.


2011 Raveous 2011 Rider2 2011 Rider and Andri2 2011 Rider and Eyolf

The dark wolf in the top left is the first appearance of Raveous in my artwork. He’s from the same time frame/mythology as Dagran. The other top image is another of Rider as a wolf. The bottom left image is Rider and Andri again, looking pretty much the same. The bottom right image is from a story I wrote and illustrated which features the first appearance of Eyolf (one of the white wolves, the other being Rider). From here he sort of barged his way into everything else and became an important character.

Art wise, I was really into photo manipulation around this time, hence the top two images.


2012 Dagran and Raveous 2012 Dagran and Raveous2 2012 Raveous5 2012 Dagran

Turns out I don’t have any big pieces of Rider, Andri, or Eyolf from 2012, although there’s no doubt they were doodled all over my math notes. Instead I have the first four images from my AP Art concentration, which is a series of images telling the story of Raveous and Dagran. By 2012 I had finally changed all the wolves into humans, and most of the characters assumed forms close to how I depict them today.



Another portrait of Raveous that I did that summer. I like doing portraits of him – the feathered cape is always fun to draw.

2013 Rider and Eyolf 22013 Rider and Eyolf

Rider and Eyolf when they were young children. These were actually the frame images in my AP Art concentration. The idea is that the story is being told to the children and then lives on in their minds.

2013 Isen2 Print

Isen also started showing up in 2013. She’d existed as little more than a name and a role for years, but starting a few years ago I become more interested in her and her story. She’s from the same timeline as Rider/Andri/Eyolf.

2013 Rider, Andri and Eyolf 2013 Rider

The left is a sketch of Rider/Andri/Eyolf. I used the sketch to make a digital vector portrait of Rider, which was my first exploration with vector. I ended up making several more portraits of school friends. The one above is probably the best depiction I currently have of Rider.


2014 Isen 2014 Isen2

More images of Isen. The right are some sketch book studies which I shaded and added texture to in Photoshop.

2014 Rider 2014 Rider2 2014 Rider3

More images of Rider. Of all my characters, she tends to be the one I’m most likely to depict. My guess is that it’s a default thing – don’t know what to draw? Draw Rider.

2014 Eyolf

Finally, here’s a miniature watercolor of Eyolf, my boy wizard.

I might have more in sketchbooks somewhere, but these are what’s been scanned. Unfortunately, I’m much more prone to drawing them than to actually writing about them. That’s something I’ll need to work on.


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