Review of Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb

Urgh. The lighting is so ff. Look, the sun’s setting in front of her, so everything should be strong dark shadows and awash in reds and oranges. The bad lighting makes everything feel flat. Total cover fail.

Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb. ★★★★

Ship of Destiny is the final book in Robin Hobb’s Liveship Traders trilogy, which starts with Ship of Magic. Most of this review is very general to avoid giving away any spoilers for the ending.

Overall, I found this a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. With epic fantasy, that can be a rare event – too often the books get overcome by their multitudes of characters and subplots, but I believe Robin Hobb orchestrated everything quite well. Not everyone was present for the climatic conclusion, but most major characters were involved.

(This paragraph could be regarded as spoilery, but it’s very vague and general.) Robin Hobb is known as someone who gives her characters a hard time – just look at what they’ve had to go through in this trilogy! So after three books of doom and gloom, I really didn’t expect such a happy ending. It just doesn’t fit with the tone of the rest of the series and doesn’t strike me as believable.

For the past two books, Wintrow has been my favorite character, but I liked him less in this installment. He seemed different than before, a lot less introspective. Possibly it’s that he got less page time?

The second book was more rapey than the first and that continues into this one, just FYI.

Pretty much all my other thoughts on Ship of Destiny are spoilers on the ending (these are in my reading journal, for anyone curious). To sum up, I found this a satisfying ending, even if it doesn’t fit well with the tone of the previous novels.


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