Art Update (October and November 2014)

I finished Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb a few days ago, so a review of that should be forthcoming soon. Right now I’m in the midst of schoolwork and college applications, so it’s a bit hard to get anything done. But I do have some more updates on my current art pieces, plus some other stuff I got back from the summer show. As always, there’s a lot of art. My moda operandi with these posts seems to be to let everything pile up in a gigantic heap and then tackle it in one huge post.

Summer show pieces first?

Act of Creation

The above was from a still life assignment. We let watercolor run down the page, then chose items to draw with one continuous contour line. Latter I went back in and added color to the items and to my hand and all the eyes on the right.

Fashion1 Fashion2 IMG_5252

The first two above are from a fashion drawing class, which was actually pretty boring since most of it was copying pictures the teacher gave us, like the two above. Those were both magazine photos she’d photocopied and handed out to the entire class. You could argue that it’s interesting to see the different styles people used, but it’s still twenty images of a woman in a red coat. I don’t know where the photographs came from or I’d link to them.

The portrait was done on black paper that’d been splattered with bleach to get the marble effect. Both faces were pictures I found digging through magazines. Again, I don’t have where they came from.

Rider PrintThis is  a linoleum block reduction from a printmaking class. The girl is Rider, a character you can see in other pieces of my art. The wolf is the animal I’ve always associated with her. Also, I like wolves.

If you’re not familiar with the process, a reduction print starts out with a slab of linoleum. Then you carve into it where you want to be white and print however many copies. Then you go back to your block, carve out the next color, and layer the print over the first batch. This particular image went from yellow ink to red ink to brown ink to black ink. I think I made around twenty copies total, although some of those got botched at various different steps. That’s the trick with reduction prints – make a lot, so when you inevitably screw up there’ll still be some good ones left.

I also at some point realized I’d accidentally carved out her pupils, so I went back in with colored pencil afterwards.

Here’s a few other reduction prints I’ve done:

Print1  Victorian ElfSleeping Dragon

I’ve been rather hastily taking photographs of old pieces to use for college portfolios. At some point I realized that I didn’t have a good picture of the sculpture from the last art post, so I attacked that one with a good camera and some black cloth:


It’s certainly a better photograph.

IMG_0709 IMG_0758

In the last post, I showed you the new wall hanging thingie I was working on. As you can see above, I’ve made some progress with it. The bad news is that it’s sort of… disappeared?

I think it was probably assumed to be done and taken up to put in the holiday show. Unfortunately, I’d been planning on painting in some figures. Oh, well. I have plenty else to keep busy with right now.

IMG_0708 IMG_0757 IMG_0808 IMG_0814

The above piece is an acrylic painting of my sister playing a guitar that will be part of a show in January themed around music. I actually had the first of these pictures during the last art post, but I didn’t post it because it was still in the “I hate it” stage.

I started liking it better once I painted in the face and added the yellow to the background, but it was still missing something. That’s when I started attacking it with sharpie, drawing patterns all over everything. I also got my hands on some fluorescent neon colored tempera paint, which I slathered over everything for the final image. You can’t see it too well, perhaps as the photo is the result of me frantically standing on my stool and aiming my phone at it five minutes before class ended. I’ll get a better photo at some point.

Presumably next week I’m going to start working on making my own shaped canvas. Which should be fun because I get to use power tools and a staple gun. I just have to figure out what shape I want the canvas to be and remember not to cut any of my fingers off. Easy peasy.


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