Children’s Book Illustrating

This week I was taking a class in children’s book illustration. It’s actually the third time I’ve taken the class, so I felt like doing something different.

Little Red Riding Hood by CoolCurry

This is Little Red Riding Hat, the Texas version of Little Red Riding Hood. I don’t have any process photos, but I started out with the sketch and then made a larger version on newsprint. Looking at the newsprint drawing for scale, I painted some pieces of watercolor paper with acrylic paints in the colors I’d need for each section. Then I used the newsprint as a template to cut out the pieces and glue them to the background. Finally, I went in with some Prisma colored pencils on top. I also did a version in Photoshop with the title:

Little Red Riding HatThe past two years I always illustrated something from my own writing, often with watercolor. Last year, I used toned paper to paint Dagran and the dragon.

The interesting thing here is that it was painted on grey toned paper. I did have to go back in with some white Prisma colors, but it worked quite well for the most part. This design is meant to be the front and the back of a children’s picture book – it folds over in the middle.

The artwork from three years ago was never photographed, but it again showed some of Dagran’s story. Although, this was before I radically rechanged her design.



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