More sketching in Sai

I’ve been doing some more sketches in Sai. These were all originally uploaded to my tumblr.

These three are all original characters of mine. In order, they are Rider, Andri and Isen. I’ve got more artwork of them over on my deviantART account.

This is just a random fashion drawing I tried out. I’m liking Sai more and more. The ability to rotate images while you’re drawing is very nice, and it’s much easier to do than in Photoshop. I also like the watercolor brushes and textures a lot. They’re what I used in the drawing above.

Sai’s so easy to work and figure out – I can’t repeat that enough. It probably helps that I had some background in Photoshop, but I’ve been able to do a lot without needing to look at any tutorials or anything.


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