Finished Digital Portrait

Frankie Final watermarkLarger view can be found here in my deviantART gallery.

I’ve finished the digital portrait I was working on. I’m still trying to improve, and I’m not completely happy with this one. The hair feels to blockish and clumpy, and the shirt just looks strange. I can’t seem to get the cloth texture or shading down right. Part of this is because I didn’t have a photo reference of it. I was using an iphone photo of a friend that cut off after her neck and one side of her face, so I ended up extrapolating a bit.

Using an iphone photo as reference was also not the best idea. It was hard to see where I should be putting detail.

I’m going to keep working on it. I think this piece is already an improvement over the digital paintings I’ve done in the past.

Created in Photoshop CS6.



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